Top Five Safety Tips For Florida Summer Dog Walking

Written by Kelli Shuttleworth

On May 12, 2021
Top Five Safety Tips For Florida Summer Dog Walking

Summer is here in Southwest Florida and temps are creeping up, up, up!  As a pet parent, you might be wondering how to safely walk your dog in the heat.

Keep reading for our FIVE top tips for safe dog walking in the summer.

1. Protect the Paws!

The sun can quickly heat up pavement and asphalt, making it dangerous to walk your pooch on these surfaces.
Before you head out with your furry friend, perform the “7-Second Test”. Place the back of your hand on the pavement. If it’s too hot to hold it there for 7-seconds, it’s too hot for your pup’s paws.
Stick to grassy areas instead!

2. Made in the Shade

Whenever possible, walk in the shade.  This pet safety tip will protect your dog from the sun’s oppressive heat while also making the walk more enjoyable for you.

3. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

It’s always important to keep your dog hydrated, but this responsibility becomes even more crucial during summer.  With that in mind, make sure your furry friend has constant access to fresh water at home.
Offer frequent water breaks during your walk. It’s easy with products like this water bottle made specially for dogs. Genius!

4. Dress the Part

There are some really neat products on the market now to help dogs stay cool! This cooling jacket is submerged in cool water, and cools the pup as the water evaporates. This bandana works the same way to keep your dog from overheating, and looking stylish!

5. Know the Signs

I don’t know if you noticed, but Florida is hot!! If you are spending time in the heat with your canine, prevent overheating by knowing what signs to look for.
  • Excessive panting
  • Confusion
  • Bright red gums
  • Excessive drooling
  • Collapse
 If your dog is experiencing any of these symptoms, try to get out of the heat ASAP. Offer plenty of fresh water and cool him off by placing a wet towel on his back. If he’s not acting himself within a reasonable timeframe, give your veterinarian a call.
The Pet Care Pros at Babcock Barks have been trained and certified in Pet First Aid & CPR. They know the tips and tricks, best walking routes and what to look for to keep your pup safe while getting the exercise they need.


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